Harbingers of Fate

Week 1 In Game Puzzle

And so it begins

Clues will go out ASAP went out to Beryl, Vishtal, Mynth, and Beagan. The clue will be the name of a Paizo Contributor. The answer will be in a message board post by that Contributor.

But everyone can try and guess using the general clue:

Once mighty king of Poison,
Hungry — fed on pain
Immortal but not sleeping,
Divided now in twain.
In darkness, no longer speaking
And silent whispers strain
New messages he’s sending
to rebirth his coiled reign

Answers are due Saturday by midnight Pacific Time 4/19/2014. Please send them by private message or to the gmail.
Week 1 Solution


silentservantofthelastazlanti silentservantofthelastazlanti

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