Harbingers of Fate

Week 5 Puzzle

A neat package awaits you. Inside is a thin crystal with the direction: “snap me and listen.”

You snap the crystal and hear a grinding voice produced by metal raking over metal say “Lawgiver speaks and so you shall listen, for I quote from Abadar’s holy book to name he who should not be named.

Almost all, of almost every breath
Identified as Follows 1799K/3203K
Noble, third in line
While many follow in series, its name lies hidden
Named for a power of thunder, yet powers otherwise
Breathes life into man and weakness into iron
Named for the element of strength, consumed in Ustalav to ward off dark enemies
Part of the backbone of life, known well in light of its name”

((Bonus clues have went out))

Week 5 Puzzle is delayed

I had some issues with the puzzle this week, new puzzle will be up Saturday.

Week 4 Puzzle

A common thief is hanged by his neck until dead. Hours later, you begin to sift through his belongings. On his leg are four lines of letters, a meaningless jumble:


Congrats to Bruck and digital mystic

Congrats go out to Ben Bruck, the first player to earn his mythic tier. And also to digitalmystic who was close on his heels. May they use their tiers wisely.

Week 3 Puzzle

In your travels, you come across a tiny silver coffer. Inscribed on the top of the coffer is a poem. Beagan, Daemos, and Vishtal were able to carefully open the box and discover a single slip of paper (you should have received the hint by private message).

The rest of you may ATTEMPT to break open the box (doing so may net you the hint for this week OR a status effect that your character will begin play with at either PaizonCon or at the PbP).

The poem on the top of the box reads as follows:

Scarlet, crimson, cardinal
He set these all beside
With an incandescent companion,
Whose light he commands she hide.

He serves the lord of order,
or in another’s view,
a petty little hoarder,
to give a harsh review.

Not king, nor duke, nor satrap
and yet not mean of birth
His lands produce aplenty,
an ancient kingdom’s worth

Both third and forth,
But first in mind
to his retinue of fierce protectors,
a fearsome, deathless kind

As always, please send your one guess this week either in a private message or to the campaign runner e-mail: silentservantofthelastazlanti@gmail.com. Guesses are due by 11:59 Saturday May 3. Good luck.

Week 3 Solution

Welcome to the new folks and those who are here.

Please send me a message if you need help or info.

Please update Player Info with your information.

We don’t have forums, but we have a quasi-functional equivalent here: Fake Forum Page 1

Also, if everyone could edit the Player Info page with the tentative plan to play online vs. at PaizoCon, I would really appreciate it.

Simple favor

I got a reply today from someone who wanted into the game and realized two things. My secret message closing the game wasn’t seen. 2) I probably shouldn’t use my real name account or the silent servant account to shut the thread down. If somebody has a minute can you post the following in the Paizo boards thread:

“Just an FYI, the secret fun stuff connected to this post has started up already. The organizers are letting stragglers in, but this is a final notice. Solve the puzzle soon OR ELSE.”

one thread is here: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2qtvj?Weird-Chat-JibJab-Moment#1
The other is http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2np6k&page=2?Distant-Worlds-Secret-Synergies-Detective#87

I am allowing new players, but want to end the admissions system for this year soonish.

Thanks for the help.

Week 2 Puzzle

Here is the hint for this week. It appears to be a tattered index for an ancient spell book.

1: Alarm, Burnning Hands, Color Spray, Endure Elements, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Ray of Enfeeblement
2: Acid Arrow, Create Pit, Fog Cloud, Invisibility, Knock, Web
3: Beeast Shape I, Dispel Magic, Hold Person, Fireball, Major Image, Slow
4: Acid Pitt, Black Tentacles, Dimension Door, Fire Shield, Phantasmal Killer, Wall of Ice
5: Cone of Cold. Dismissal, Dominate Person, Teleport, Treasure Stithching,
6: Chain Lightning, Contingency, Disintegrate, Syymbol of Fear, Transformation
7: Delayed Blast Fireball, Fingers of Death, Plane Shift, Spell Turning

I will be sending the Paizo staffer hint tomorrow after church and dinner.

Jeez, Bruck is quick.

Week 2 Solution

Week 1 Update

A bunch of correct guesses so far. Great clue seekers this year.

Just to answer a few questions
1) You get one guess per week
2) The e-mail address is silentservantofthelastazlanti@gmail.com

There are still a few hors left, and so far, I have heard from everyone but Beryl. Here is hoping you all make a clean sweep.

Week 1 In Game Puzzle
And so it begins

Clues will go out ASAP went out to Beryl, Vishtal, Mynth, and Beagan. The clue will be the name of a Paizo Contributor. The answer will be in a message board post by that Contributor.

But everyone can try and guess using the general clue:

Once mighty king of Poison,
Hungry — fed on pain
Immortal but not sleeping,
Divided now in twain.
In darkness, no longer speaking
And silent whispers strain
New messages he’s sending
to rebirth his coiled reign

Answers are due Saturday by midnight Pacific Time 4/19/2014. Please send them by private message or to the gmail.
Week 1 Solution


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