Week 5 Solution

This week, I am cribbing Vishtal’s answer (his notes in bold, my edits are in parens).

Notes from the Journal of Vishtal Stormborn, Lightning Wizard and enigma solver. I was forced to crack many an alchemical tome to help with this puzzling riddle.

“Lawgiver speaks and so you shall listen, for I quote from Abadar’s holy book to name he who should not be named.

Almost all, of almost every breath …. Air is mostly nitrogen (N).
Identified as Follows 1799K/3203K Yttrium (Y) – Melting Point, Boiling Point
Noble, third in line ….. Argon (Ar) is the third noble gas.
While many follow in series, its name lies hidden …Lanthanum (LA) Name – Name means hidden, 1st of the Lanthanide series
Named for a power of thunder, yet powers otherwise …. Thorium (Th) a barbarianGod of thunder, Thorium has been known to power some of the odd machinery of Numeria(Thorium is named after Thor, but is used in nuclear power)
Breathes life into man and weakness into iron …. Oxygen (O) Respiration and Rust.
Named for the element of strength, consumed in Ustalav to ward off dark enemies Telurium (Te) Discovered in Ustalav, In humans, tellurium is partly metabolized into a gas with a garlic-like odor which is exhaled in the breath of victims of tellurium toxicity or exposure. (also the name comes from the word for earth)
Part of the backbone of life, known well in light of its name…. Phosphorus (P) it is a component of the double helix that encodes all life, and it burns with a bright light. (also the name means light-bearer)

Putting the symbols in order: NYArLaThOTeP or Nyarlathotep

Good hunting this week.

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