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Welcome to the Harbingers of Fate 2014 Wiki

Step 1:

Please read the Fate Points Mechanism for 2014 posted in the “Adventure Logs” section. It has details for the weekly puzzle system. More details will be forthcoming as we gear up.

Update: Week 1 In Game Puzzle

Step 2:

Character creation:

Level 10.
20 point buy.

Races permitted are CORE and aasimars, tieflings, skinwalkers, dhampirs, ifrit, oread, slyphs and undine.

Classes: Any class or archetype printed in Core, APG,UC, or UM.
Gear: Anything you want totaling 62,000 gp. No custom items.

Crafting feats are rewarded, but narrowly. If you have at least one crafting feat, you get an additional 15,000gp of items. These must be items that can be made with that crafting feat. Once again, no custom items.

Two traits, no drawbacks.

To post your character, click the characters tab. Then hit the “+” sign in the upper right of the box. That will open a new sheet. Then select the proper sheet using “Dynamic sheet style” From the drop down box, select Pathfinder RPG universal sheet. Fill that bad boy out. Let me know when you get that done.

For solution’s to prior puzzles: Prior Week Puzzle Solutions